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Exercises Index

Below is a listing of all the exercise articles and demonstrations included on our site. This page will be added to regularly. You may also use the search button for any upper, lower, core, stretching, or rehabilitative exercises you wish to look for that may not show up as a primary listing below. If you wish to learn more about a specific exercise, suggest your request to trainer at bodyresults.com as it may be a good topic for future newsletters.

Upper Body Exercises

1-arm Rows
Standing Shoulder Press
Standing Lat Pull Downs, Torso Rotation, and Shoulder Endurance Exercises for Paddling
Floor-Assist Pullups
Horizontal Pullups
Pushup Technique and Progression
Variations and Progressions for Pullups, Pushups, Situps
Top Five Pullups Resources: Training Tips and Variations
Reverse Pushouts
Planks Variations
One-Armed Pullups: Training Ideas
Resources for Developing Grip Strength
Horizontal Pullups and Side Planks

Lower Body Exercises

Hip Hikes for the Gluteus Medius
1-leg Hover Step Ups for Quadriceps
Step Downs for Quadriceps
1-leg Calf Raise for Gastrocnemius and Balance
Forward Straight Leg Raise for Gluteus Medius
1-Leg Squat for Balance, Gluteus Maximus and Quadriceps
Lunge Variations for advanced exercises to challenge Balance, Gluteus Maximus and Quadriceps
Overhead Squats
Cable Deadlifts
Hamstring Exercises: Stiff-Leg Deadlifts
Calves and Mountaineering includes balance exercises such as the 1-leg deadlift
Prevention of recurrence of knee pain: free weight exercises

Core Exercises

Seated Core Exercises
Medicine Ball Exercises
More Medicine Ball Exercises
Plank Core Variations
Core Training for Sport
Forward Barbell Roll-out
Dirt Digger
Saxon Side Bends
Alpine Core Exercises: Oblique Twists
Back Extensions

Flexibility Exercises

Piriformis stretches (for back, hip and butt pain)
Trapezius Stretch for trapezius and neck
Seated Chest, Neck, Hip and Low Back Stretches
Forearm Stretch {bottom of linked page
Door Jamb Chest Stretch
Yoga Triangle Pose
Hamstring Stretches: Downward Dog
Alleviate Keyboard Stiffness includes forearms, trapezius and Hug a Tree stretches
Tree Hug, Torso Rotation, Band Cat Traction stretches for lower back
90-90 Quadriceps and Psoas Stretch
Frog Stretch for hips, hamstrings and adductors
Piriformis Stretchfor hip and piriformis
Glute Stretch for deep gluteal muscles
Calf Stretch for gastrocnemius


Upper Body Warm-up how to prepare for upper body work
Lower Body Warm-up how to prepare for lower body work
Core Body Warm-up how to prepare for core body work

Rehabilitation Exercises

Cable Rows to Face
Common Elbow Injuries
Rotator Cuff Strengthening and Stretching Exercises
Smart Hand, Grip and Finger Training
Thor Pronation and Wrist Extensions for elbow health
What is the Best Way to Handle Sore or Strained Finger Tendons?
Ten Tips to Injury Free Climbing
Climbing and Yoga: Injury Prevention or Causation?
How to Get Started with Yoga
The Outdoor Conditioning Warmup includes stretches and dynamic movements you can include before you start to hike in order to prevent strain
What to do about, how to recover from, prevention of ankle sprains
Use of backward walking for rehab of lower body extremities
Foot health for outdoor enthusiasts
Plantar Fasciitis
Shin Splints
Dealing with Injuries
Sports restoration and recovery
Knee Pain Occurrence and Prevention Part I: Acute Knee Pain
Knee Pain Occurrence and Prevention Part 2: Chronic Knee Pain
Patellofemoral Syndrome Cardiovascular Training Options
Training Around Injuries: What Works for Others May Help You
Dealing with Stress Fractures


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