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6/4/2008 - bebop
I liked your material on ankles. I do however have a question, If your ankle was injuried but the pain was not severe, you can walk on it do tons of excercises, after a few days, etc and you leave alone for two and a half months. If you are stretching and and the ankle in question feels slight discomfort or on some odd days you feel slight discomfort, is that cause for alarm. Should the person stop stretching period. I am talking about general stretchings head to toe, to yoga like stretches.

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking whether mild injuries from a while ago need cause concern if occasionally you're still feeling discomfort months afterward? Some people will feel old injuries when the weather changes! In general, if you feel mild discomfort, stretching or shoring up the area with strength training should help alleviate discomfort, but for acute pain you might try wrapping with loose athletic tape (to increase awareness), alternate ice/heat, and keep close eye on where you're walking so you don't inadvertently twist an ankle and make it worse. Hope that helps.

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