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11/7/2008 - Kate
I have a trip booked to climb Killimanjaro this dec also spendinf two days in zanzibar after. However, I have just found out that I am pregnant and will be 4months in Dec. Would you recommend I cancel the trip, Im worried about altitude and malaria.

Kate, that's such a tricky one. First, you'd be over the morning sickness that comes with the first trimester, and usually in the second trimester women feel really good, more energy etc. It's the 3rd trimester that doctors usually advise against high altitude exposure and really travel of any kind especially in the case of any pregnancy that has had anything unusual in the first two trimesters. In my own case when I found out I was pregnant we decided against doing Aconcagua as that would have been right around the same time period you're looking at. While exercise is strongly advised throughout pregnancy, especially if you have been fit your whole life, you can certainly hike late into your pregnancy; the long travel, remote conditions, and high altitude of such a trip definitely put this into a higher category of risk. However, you have to take into consideration your own assessment of the risk and your health and talk carefully with your primary health care advisor/ObGyn to see what they would recommend given how much they know about you and your health history. Hope that helps and good luck. Remember, the mountain will be there indefinitely, your first pregnancy is a one-time-only thing.

Thanks for the question,


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