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This informative video provides a comprehensive six-month training program for the novice-to-intermediate level alpine climber who wants to climb Mt. Rainier and other high-altitude peaks.

10/24/2004 - Scott
Hello, I am a 36 year old male (5'10"; 170 lbs) and have notice in the past couple of years that if I hike more than 10 mi per day, the two ligaments on the back of my knee get very sore and stiff. I don't think it is the distance as I can walk 36 holes of golf fine, but the added knee bending that comes with hiking seems to be the cause. Overall, the joint is vary stable, it just feels that those two rear ligaments freeze up and become painful. Thanks, Scott

Scott, without more information it is hard to say, but I would suggest that you include some hiking specific stretches for the hamstrings; see http://www.bodyresults.com/E2trianglepose.asp for one that stretches multiple muscle groups at once, and http://www.bodyresults.com/E2Hamstrings.asp has strengthening exercises that may help as well, particularly the stiff legged deadlift. Be sure to stretch after your hikes, particularly immediately before getting in your car. Beyond stretching, hot tubbing can help loosen you up the same day and day following longer outings. Our Train to Climb Mt. Rainier video has a number of stretches (as well as strength exercises and a comprehensive program on how to prepare for hiking season) that might also help -- see http://www.bodyresults.com/p1rainier.asp?m=1 for more information on that. Good luck.

Thanks for the question,


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