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2/25/2005 - Hernan
I'been working out with weights for 3 years. i want to know what happens to your body when you drink just a fruit shake right after work out (orange juice-natural,1 banana,1 apple,1 carrot,2 strawberries). Do I get leaner, burn fat and loose weight? thanks.

Hernan, when you drink a high-carb fruit drink like the one you mentioned, you replenish the depleted glycogen stores in your muscles, but you don't mention anything about the rest of your diet, protein in particular, or how many calories are ingested in that shake, so it's impossible to assess whether you're going to get leaner, burn fat, or lose/gain weight without looking at 1) your exercise routine, 2) the rest of your meals, 3) your starting point and end goal, and 4) breakdown of your total diet. However, the practice of having a carb solution after a strength or high intensity workout sounds okay, better yet would be to include some lean protein (yogurt or skim milk, for example).

Thanks for the question,


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