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Train to Climb Mt. Rainier DVD/VHS

Train to Climb Mt. Rainier

This informative video provides a comprehensive six-month training program for the novice-to-intermediate level alpine climber who wants to climb Mt. Rainier and other high-altitude peaks.

12/19/2005 - Dave B.
I just wanted to tell you what a great site you have. I surf a lot of sites, including Pavel's, elitefts, T-nation, Bronzebow and others.... but your site consistently has the most usuable info on the broadest range of fitness subjects. Others have flashes of insight, but here we can relate your advice to the goal immediately, drawing upon strength, endurance, and flexibility training principles. So I just wanted to say a big THANKS for this very underrated but excellent site! Regards, Dave in Chicago

Thanks so much for your compliments, Dave! We have been working on our content since our site's inception in 2001 and continue to build it based on questions and comments from readers such as yourself. We hope it continues to be useful to you and to others pursuing outdoor conquests and challenges. Happy training and READ ON!

Thanks for the question,


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