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Advanced Skiing Exercises

Courtenay Schurman, MS CSCS

Written for the Sports Etc December 2001 issue

Get ready to attack the slopes! Included here are two power exercises to get your core, shoulders, and legs ready for some great skiing. If you already have a solid base of conditioning (cardiovascular training 30+ minutes 2-3x/week and strength training 2x/week) try adding these. No equipment needed! Remember to include a short warm-up prior to trying advanced exercises. Caution: due to the higher-impact nature of these exercises, they are NOT recommended for novice exercisers.

Lateral Hops

Build explosive power and quickness in the legs! Perfect for anyone who wants increased endurance for harder slopes or moguls. Try adding this to your routine after you�ve trained consistently for a month with squats. To increase difficulty, 1) add time to the length of your working interval, 2) decrease recovery time between sets, 3) maintain tucked position to keep constant tension in the thighs, or 4) increase the number of foot contacts per time interval. Start with 20-30 seconds of work and increase to a minute, maintaining a 1:1 work to rest ratio. Build to 4 sets.

Lateral Hop : A

Lateral Hop : B

Stand sideways to a marker on the floor with arms bent in front of you as though you�re holding ski poles. Quickly hop sideways over the marker, keeping both feet together constantly. Think light, and explode up and over the marker. As you improve, try to increase the speed, distance hopped to the side, or height over the marker. VARIATIONS: try these over yard markers on a football field where you can hop side to side while simultaneously moving. For increased intensity, add height to the object you�re hopping over -- a sweater, pillow, cone, or other soft object (so you don�t hurt yourself if you falter momentarily). Build to 3x60 seconds, with 1 minute of rest, and include this early in your workout while you�re still fresh.

Squat Thrusts

Otherwise referred to by some as "burpees," these are super for the legs, core, chest and shoulders. From a standingposition, squat down and place palms on floor in pushup position. In one smooth motion, kick both feet back behind you so that legs are extended straight as you land on the balls of your feet. Prevent the body from sagging by using the muscles in your lower back and abs to keep body level. Then explosively push off the balls of your feet and tuck the knees back underneath you, returning to the initial crouch position, and stand back up. Start with 1x10 and build up to 3x30. To make these easier, try them with hands on a step or slight incline (facing uphill); to make them harder, face downhill, hold dumbbells in your hands, or add a jump at the end of the movement from the crouch position. A final variation is to do what are called "mountain climbers", and from position 3, below, bring one knee in toward chest as though you're going to do a lunge, but then rapidly alternate feet so that as right comes toward chest, left thrusts backward, and vice versa.

Start and End Position

Position 2 and 4

Position 3


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