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Summer 2000 Climbs

Check out our new pictures from 2001 climbs and field trips!

The summer of 2000 we had the opportunity to be involved in a number of fun adventures with our clients and members of the Seattle Mountaineers. Included here are recent photographs (be patient, this page takes a while to download) and brief stories of some of our favorites. If you participate in any outdoor climbing adventures with Courtenay Schurman or Doug Schurman, it's likely that you will find yourself among the pictures. Share this site with your classmates!

Mount Rainier

Led by Dennis Mosolf and Doug Smart, all 12 of our party reached the summit of Mount Rainier via Emmons Glacier on 7/17/00 around 9 a.m. including 2 Body Results clients and 2 Body Results trainers. Click here for more pictures.


Led by Susan Wright, 6 Basic Students and 4 rope leaders decided to take advantage of the brief afternoon clearing to charge on up to the summit in the evening of 7/8/00. It turned out to be a wise decision, as the mountain was totally socked in on 7/9/00. Click picture or title for more selections.

Ingalls Peak

Led by Dennis Mosolf and Doug Smart, two groups of 8 (13 total people, as several rope leaders got to do it twice) reached the top of this Basic Rock climb near Mt. Stuart on 7/1/00. View is of the slab climbing route up the south side from the snowy hike back to base camp. Click picture or title for more selections.

Camp Muir on Rainier

Rainier Mountaineering Inc.'s hut at Camp Muir. Sea of clouds covered the base of the mountain up to 9000', which is fairly common until after July 4th. Still lots of snow as of 6/24/00. Click picture or title for more selections.

The Tooth

Led by Cebe Wallace, 4 Basic Students and 3 rope leaders reached the cloud-enshrouded summit of the Tooth just in time for it to clear up for a nice view on 6/21/00. Click picture or title for more selections.

Basic Climbing Field Trips

Courtenay's Mountaineers Basic Climbing students at Crevasse Rescue / Snow 2 the weekend of 6/17-6/18/00. Click picture or title for more selections.


Dave Shema demonstrates the potential advantages of the auto block on a double-rope rappel on an overhanging route in Leavenworth, 4/9/00. Hey look, no hands! Click picture or title for more selections.


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