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Spring - Summer 2001 Climbs

Check out plenty of other pictures from last year's climbs and field trips!

The 2001 climbing season was a pretty good one for us -- and we fit in a number of fantastic outings! To see other trips from previous years, check out Adventures 2000. If you participate in any outdoor climbing adventures with Courtenay Schurman or Doug Schurman, it's likely that you will find yourself among the pictures. Share this site with your classmates!

Mount Saint Helens May 6, 2001

10 of us from Seattle headed for Marblemount Snow Park to climb Mt. St. Helens on Sunday, 5/6/01. Our sub-group of 6 included Bryant Miller, David Kline, Doug Schurman, Mark Landgreen, and Courtenay Schurman, and climbing dog extraordinaire, Emily. It was a beautiful morning and about 200 others chose to ascend the same weekend before the 100-climber limit was imposed May 15. Click to see more! Click on picture for enlargement.

S. Early Winter Spire May 20, 2001

Happy climbers! 3 p.m. on the summit of S. Early Winter Spire (North Cascades) under clear blue skies. Pictured (Left to right, top row) Daniel Geiger, George Oliver, Doug Schurman. (Bottom row) Susan Poulsom, Susan Wright. (photographer) Courtenay Schurman.

Silverstar May 27, 2001

Brian Bongiovanni and Mountaineers Jon Weiner, Margaret Clancy, Cindy Peyser, Doug Schurman and Courtenay Schurman climbed up to the summit of Silverstar via Silverstar Glacier and were rewarded with spectacular views of slab avalanches on Kangaroo Ridge, snow-capped Baker and Glacier Peaks, and plenty more.

Mt. Daniel June 16-17, 2001

Gary Richardson led his mentor students up Daniel June 16-17. Rope leaders: Courtenay Schurman, John Wiener and Mike Strauss; students: Annie, Jay, Jen, Jim, and Mark. We camped at Peggy's Pond and traversed around to the north side to get onto Lynch Glacier, shown here, just above still-frozen Pea Soup Lake. Once at the top, it was a short scramble up the summit pyramid, then an awesome, fast glissade down the scramble route on the south side.

Guye Peak June 19, 2001

Cebe Wallace, Courtenay Schurman and John Olsen led three basic students Colleen Christensen, Annie Breckenfeld, and Jacob Englestein up to the top of Guye Peak near Snoqualmie Pass. Another Mountaineers group started ahead of us but ended up somehow slightly off route, allowing us to proceed to the summit in front of them. Beautiful summer day with views of other Snoqualmie summits all the way to Rainier.

Tooth July 7, 2001

Doug Schurman in the still-snowy basin due east of the Tooth on a gorgeous summer day. Mountaineers president Ed Henderson led five other Olympia branch Basic Climbers up to the top ahead of us. The entire group was gracious enough to let us rappel down their final double-rope rappel in front of them and everyone had a spectacular time.

Glacier Peak July 20-22, 2001

Susan Wright, Courtenay Schurman and Doug Schurman took several of their mentor students (Danny Geiger, Susan Poulsom and George Oliver) along with Ric Cejas, Nathan Ehresman and Dennis Culp, up Glacier Peak via Sitkum Glacier. We very nearly turned around at base camp, since the fog was so thick, but fortunately there was enough clearing to tempt us to try it -- and eventually we broke through the clouds and successfully made it to the summit.

Mt. Kilimanjaro and Safari 9/ 22-10/7/01

On 9/22, Doug and Courtenay Schurman headed for Tanzania for a 5-day camping safari and a 6-day trek and scramble up the Machame/Western Breach route to Uhuru Peak, the summit of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest point (19,400'). It was not an easy decision to continue with our travel plans, given the new world order post-9/11, but it was the right decision for us and we share our adventures here.


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