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About Us > 2004 to 2007

Adventures - 2004 to 2007

Here are outings from 2004 to 2007! To see other trips from previous years, check out Adventures 2000, Adventures 2001 , Adventures 2002 and Adventures 2003. If you participate in any outdoor climbing adventures with Courtenay Schurman or Doug Schurman, it's likely that you will find yourself among the pictures. Share this site with your classmates!

Eldorado Peak � E. Ridge, 7/24-25/04

Eldorado Peak

Eleven of us set out to climb Eldorado peak. We broke trail at 9 am but it was already a hot one. Temperatures in the low lands would reach the mid 90's that day. We took a refreshing break at a waterfall atop the boulder field. Then, we continued on to our camp site on the snow at 6,700 feet right below the Glacier. Read more...

Silver Star (8,876�) via Silver Star Glacier June 4-5, 2005

view from the top'

With forecasts for nice weather Saturday (6/4/05), deteriorating to showers on Sunday, Doug and I decided at the last minute to change our group�s destination from Mt. Baker to Silver Star, a basic alpine climb farther east, to increase our chance of success. We left Seattle Saturday at 6:15 a.m. and convoyed up I-5 toward Arlington, taking the shorter route up to and then east on SR 20, the North Cascades Highway. One party member had returned home to retrieve boots, and others were meeting us at various points along the way. Read more...

Mailbox Peak: Early Season Quad Conditioner June 9, 2007

Court and Doug at 'The Mailbox'

If you are looking for a good quadriceps burner within an hour of Seattle, and have not yet heard of the infamous green and gray mailboxes on top of this nearby peak, then it�s time to try Mailbox Peak. It�s not for children, and I don�t recall seeing any dogs. Read more...

Mt. Rainier/Emmons June 22-23, 2007

view from the top'

Possible showers, winds out of the southwest 40 mph and 2 degrees at the summit. Not a promising weather forecast for the summit of Mt. Rainier, Washington�s giant at 14,411�. But we were willing to seize the one 3-day weekend we had available for the summer while our daughter�s grandmother watched her, our house and our dog Emily. 6 of us (Doug, Courtenay, Scott, Rich, Vlad and Kathryn) headed for White River Campground Friday morning, June 22 to see if the weather forecast would surprise us and let us up to the summit of Mt. Rainier after all, via Camp Schurman and Emmons Glacier. Read more...

Mt. Rainier//DC July 14-16, 2007

view from the top'

My friend Scott was unsuccessful on reaching the summit on the previous trip 3 weeks earlier so we decided to go again. The time it was Scott, myself and two other climbing friends from the Mountaineers, Chris and Lori. Read more...


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