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Mt. Daniel 6/16-17/01

Gary Richardson led his mentor students up Daniel June 16-17. Rope leaders: Courtenay Schurman, John Wiener and Mike Strauss; students: Annie, Jay, Jen, Jim, and Mark. We camped at Peggy's Pond and traversed around to the north side to get onto Lynch Glacier, shown here, just above still-frozen Pea Soup Lake. Once at the top, it was a short scramble up the summit pyramid, then an awesome, fast glissade down the scramble route on the south side.

Following are pictures in order taken, from car to camp to recon to summit and back out to the cars. All photographs taken by Courtenay Schurman except where noted.

Snack break: Gary with Mt. Stuart in background

Four J's: Jay, Jen, Jim and John take a snack break.

Jay decked out for Daniel, with sun-block hat, trekking poles, and light-colored clothing

Court on rock in Squaw Lake (photo by Gary Richardson)

Court with Cathedral Rock in background

Mullet Mockery -- Jim pile

What a deluxe eatery! Way to go Jay and Jen!

Daniel Route Recon team (afternoon of 6/16/01): Mike Strauss, Courtenay Schurman, Jim, and Gary Richardson headed out to check on condition of route for morning ascent

Cathedral Rock (to east) at sunrise, 6/17/01

East flank of Daniel at sunrise

Duct tape to the rescue! Gary Richardson repairs Annie's misbehaving crampon

Crampon repair: this sucka ain't going ANYWHERE!

Hinman viewed across Pea Soup Lake

Lynch Glacier from Pea Soup Lake. If you look closely you can see 2 rope teams of 3 (from Everett Mountaineers) headed up from the bottom.

Jim, Gary, Annie, John, and Mark roping up at Pea Soup Lake.

Taking a clothing break just up from Pea Soup Lake.

View (due North) of Pea Soup Lake and Glacier Peak from Lynch Glacier.

Final scramble up to Daniel peak.

Rainier from the Daniel summit scramble route

The Team on summit: Annie, Jim, Jen, Jay, Courtenay, Gary, Mike, Mark (photo by John Weiner)

Courtenay near summit scramble (anon)

Courtenay and Mike Strauss on summit block, with pyramidal Stuart (right) in background

Lunch on the descent from Daniel summit via scramble route: Jay, Annie, John, Jen, Gary, Jim, and Mark.

Glissading fun on scramble route

Tilted bridge (permanent one appeared to have been washed out) 2 minutes from parking lot.


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