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Eldorado Peak E. Ridge, 7/24-25/04

Eldorado Peak

Eleven of us set out to climb Eldorado peak. We broke trail at 9 am but it was already a hot one. Temperatures in the low lands would reach the mid 90's that day. We took a refreshing break at a waterfall atop the boulder field. Then, we continued on to our camp site on the snow at 6,700 feet right below the Glacier. We had refreshing temperatures and got to bed early. Our plan was to leave at 3:30 am for the summit however a technical glitch occurred (user error???) with the alarm and we woke up at 3:30. By the time we started moving it was 4:30. Oh, but that extra hour of sleep was nice.

We reached the Eldorado plateau just as the sun was coming up. What a beautiful site. As we made our way up the Inspiration Glacier the sun heated everyone up. The route to the top was well defined. The final part of the ridge was a knife-edge ridge about 2 rope lengths long. Most people experience a heightened state of focus. We enjoyed the views from the summit and returned to camp. After a leisurely stroll back to the trailhead we enjoyed burgers at Good Food restaurant. I want to thank everyone on the climb for helping to create a great outing.

Following are pictures in order taken.

Brady on a mission

Traversing the boulder (not talus) field

Johannesburg Peak

Our Mission: To Summit Eldorado Peak

Arriving at Camp

Sunrise on Eldorado Glacier

Looks like it's picture time

Chris ready for the ridge

Beggining the Inspiration Glacier climb

Boston Basin in the Distance

Looking up the Glacier

The final push up to the summit ridge


Getting on to the knifeedge ridge

Chris, Rob and Peter on the ridge

The ridge can make you want to get closer to your feet

Top line of the ridge over to the summit rocks

Laneya on the Highpoint

Brady makes the summit - way to go

Team on the summit - Rope 1 John, Michelle and Greg, Rope 2 Darren and Drew, Rope 3 Chris, Rob and Peter, Rope 4 not pictured - Doug, Laneya and Brady

Brady and Laneya on the Summit Rocks

Greg, Drew and Laneya chilling after the climb


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