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Mt. Saint Helens, 4/28/02

Hiking through the clouds with a bunch of skiers

Now we're above the clouds and can see Mt. Adams

Emily says that's enough 800 feet from the summit

The view from the crater rim

View of Mt. Rainier from the top

Court on the rim

Back down to Emily, she's ready to go home

Doggie Glissade! Emily was glad to have some help down

Mt. Saint Helens, 5/6/01

Ten of us from Seattle headed for Cougar, Jack's Restaurant, and Marblemount Snow Park to climb Mt. St. Helens on Sunday, 5/6/01. Shown, left to right, our sub-group of 6: Bryant Miller (toting his skis for the descent), David Kline, Doug Schurman, Mark Landgreen, (not shown: photographer) Courtenay Schurman, and climbing dog extraordinaire, Emily. It was a beautiful morning and about 200 others chose to ascend the same day before the 100-climber limit was imposed May 15.

Index of Mt. Saint Helens Photos (click each to view)

A great shot of our objective! Snow-covered (still) in May, St. Helens tends to be more enjoyable early season when ash remains blanketed in snow. Glissading is plentiful and easily our favorite in the state of Washington!

Team Mt. St. Helens, at early sunscreen break beyond forest

Great start to a perfect day, looking up at summit along Wormflows route. Skies always appear to be so incredibly blue at elevation!

Emily eagerly looks back at climbing partners lagging behind her

Doggie Delight and Boarders' Best -- pure snow fun for Emily and playmate Yukon, a pack-carrying husky with HUGE paws

Court and canine companion Emily on crater rim

Bad hair day, anyone? A long-haired collie approaches summit

Court and Suzanne Rowen (leader of the other group of 5) on summit

Team Dr.Goodwell on the summit: Doug Schurman, Mark Landgreen, David Kline

Crowd gathered on summit rim, with Mt. Adams in the background

Doug, Court and Emily on summit of St. Helens


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