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Hex Mountain: Snowshoe Feb. 2, 2002

Joanne and Eric Haberman joined Courtenay and Doug Schurman and superclimber Emily for a snowshoe trip up Hex Mountain. Hex is out near Cle Elum Lake, and though the surrounding basins see heavy snowmobile traffic, we only encountered one while we were in the back country -- Emily managed to successfully chase it away. While up there, we encountered a Seattle Mountaineers snowshoe group of 12 and a backcountry ski patroller who offered to shoot our summit photo. If you're looking for a low-avalanche risk outing in mid-winter, and would like to get away from the crowds, Hex is an enjoyable option with some great views.

Following are pictures in order taken, from car to summit and back down. All photographs taken by Courtenay Schurman except where noted.

Doug in trees with Cle Elum Lake in background.

Eric Haberman, Joanne Haberman, Doug Schurman and Emily.

Sun breaks through; view of the lake.

Emily! Our little trooper.

Windblast on the tree; Joanne and Doug crest the hill.

Summit photo: Eric, Joanne, Doug, Court (kneeling) and Emily. Taken by unnamed ski patrol gent.



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