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Ingalls Peak, Summer 2000

Led by Dennis Mosolf and Doug Smart, two groups of 8 (13 total people, as several rope leaders did it twice) reached the top of this Basic Rock climb near Mt. Stuart on 7/1/00. View is of the slab climbing route up the south side from the snowy hike back to base camp. Click picture for enlargement.

Index of Ingalls Photos (click each to view)

Presented in same order taken on journey

Sunny start at the parking lot (gear sort); from left: Tamara, Rodger, Vince, Jerry, Mick, Greg

Jerry, Vince, Loyal on gradual approach leading up to red rocks

Storm front approaches to the west over the mountain ridge (with plenty of wind) 6/30/00

Ingalls, evening 6/30/00, as wind front whips through the mountains

Mt. Stuart, morning 7/1/00, from camp; still windy, but clear

Jerry ready to climb first pitch as Doug Smart tops out, awaiting Loyal

Doug brings 4 more climbers to the base of Ingalls 7/1/00


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