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Mt. Rainier, Summer 2000

Led by Dennis Mosolf and Doug Smart, all 12 of our party successfully reached the summit of Mount Rainier via the Emmons Glacier on 7/17/00 around 9 a.m. including 2 clients and 2 trainers from Body Results. (Standing, Left to right: Loyal Bassett, Dennis Mosolf, Doug Smart, Mick Woynarowski, Courtenay Schurman, Doug Schurman; 2nd row: Tamara Plush, Vincent Payette, Greg Eisenberg, Tim Crawford, Jerry Chang; bottom, Susannah Mary Kent.)

Basic Mountaineer climb lead by mentor Doug Smart

Hey, this climbing is easy!

Get close it's cold!

Rope teams heading to camp

Sunset on the rocks!

Crevasse travel, ooooo



The crater rock rim, almost there!

Walk to the crater

Court and Doug on the Summit

Court, Doug, Mic & Tamara

Team of 12 on the Summit

Mt Adams in the distance

Court doing crunches

Pushups for those with energy

Rainier from a plane


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