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Silverstar, 5/27/01

Seattle Mountaineers Brian Bongiovanni (Bongi), Jon Weiner, Margaret Clancy, Cindy Peyser, Doug Schurman and Courtenay Schurman climbed up to the North Cascades summit of Silverstar via Silverstar Glacier and were rewarded with spectacular views of slab avalanches on Kangaroo Ridge (center), snow-capped Baker and Glacier Peaks, and plenty more.

Following is a listing of pictures in order taken, from car to stream to col to summit and back down to the cars. All photographs taken by Courtenay Schurman except where noted.

View of Silverstar from the car/road

Jon crossing the river on the log

A brief break and group shot of Margaret, Cindy, Jon, Doug, and Brian

Court and Doug at top of col

Courtenay starts up to the summit

Jon and Courtenay make their way up fourth--fifth class rock to the summit

Bongi, Cindy and Margaret scramble up 3rd-class slabs to the summit

Margaret scrambles to the summit

Bongi astride the small summit block

Doug at the summit

Doug, quit horsing around up there!

View looking WNW from the summit block Visible are Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan and other snow-capped Cascade peaks, including Tower Mountain and Golden Horn. Thanks, Paul!

S. Early Winter Spire and Liberty Bell from Silverstar

Panoramic view from Silverstar summit

Summit view of col below

Tent pitched at col with wind breakers appropriately positioned around it

Courtenay marvels at the "free-hanging tree" spotted on the way down

Bongi plunging headlong into the rushing stream on the way back to the car

Margaret braves the stream crossing

Cindy balances barefoot on large tree on the way back to the car


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