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The Tooth, 2000, 2001 & 2002

360 degree panorama shot from the summit of the Tooth (Rainier, to the south, in far left and far right of pan)

Tooth: Winter Climb Feb. 16, 2002

Tooth (right) and "Gum" (our nickname for the bump left)

Pineapple Pass, filled with snow.

Snowy mound on summit. Without ice axes, this was a little tricky.

Court on summit, Chair Peak in background.

Jerry Chang (left) and Timmy Williams (right) cresting the last pitch.

Doug and Court at the summit.

Timmy Williams (left, leader) and Mike Strauss (right, assistant leader) make a descent plan.

More Tooth, 2001 shots (click to view)

Doug Schurman in the still-snowy basin due east of the Tooth on a gorgeous summer day

Mountaineers president and Olympia branch trip leader Ed Henderson on first pitch of the Tooth

Mt. Rainier view from summit, due south of the Tooth

Courtenay Schurman and Doug Schurman on the summit of the Tooth

Doug Schurman in midst of final double-rope rappel

The Tooth, Summer 2000

Led by Cebe Wallace, 4 Basic Students and 3 rope leaders reached the cloud-enshrouded summit of the Tooth just in time for it to clear up for a nice view on 6/21/00. (from left) Edward, Elaine, Bill, Court, Daniel, Andreas. Click picture for enlargement.

Index of Tooth Photos (click each to view)

Presented in same order taken on journey

Approach to a cloud-covered Tooth (center)

Elaine, Andreas, Cebe pause at a tree at Pineapple Pass

Daniel, Elaine, Court at base of summit rock

Rope leaders Courtenay, Elaine and Cebe on the summit of the Tooth, 6/21/00

Court at summit of Tooth

Climbing (and rappel, double rope) route of the Tooth, S. face


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