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The Outdoor Athlete Book by Courtenay and Doug Schurman

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Aventuras Patagonicas has teamed up with Body Results to provide you with the highest quality Conditioning Coaching and Products for your Adventure Trip. Wilderness Sport Conditioning experts Courtenay and Doug Schurman oversee all client training. They are co-authors of the book, The Outdoor Athlete (2009) and creators of the Train To Climb Mt Rainier DVD.

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Train To climb Mt. Rainier Mt. Baker

Train to Climb Mt Rainier or any high peak DVD
Perfect training program for mountains between 8,000 and 23,000 feet. read more

Ascend Mt. Baker DVD
Route descriptions of the most popular routes. read more

Mt Rainier Climbing Routes Denali Climbing Routes

Ascend Rainier DVD
This informative DVD provides Video Panoramas, 3D Interactive Route Maps, 2D Interactive Route Maps, 360 Interactive Panorama, Climbing Term Glossary, Guide Service Information and much more. read more

Ascend Denali DVD
It's an interactive comprehensive DVD guide for climbing Denali including a trip up the West Buttress route and specific gear guide section for Denali expedition climbers. read more

Rope Handling

Basic Climbing Knots
6 highly experienced climb leaders from the Seattle Mountaineers teach you the basics of knot-tying and rope handling, including belaying, rappelling, fallen climber tie-off and z-pulley. read more

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Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching
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Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching

WebTrainer is an on-line training service that provides a personalized exercise program including cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, a personalized training schedule and regular interactions with an Outdoor Conditioning Coach. Each program is overseen by one of the Outdoor Sports Conditioning Experts, Courtenay or Doug Schurman. They are co-authors of the book, The Outdoor Athlete (2009) and creators of the Train To Climb Mt Rainier DVD.

The WebTrainer program has been used by people all around the world to train for a multitude of goals such as Rainier, Baker, Hood, Seven Summits, Nepal treks, Grand Canyon backpacking and many more. In addition WebTrainer comes with a Money Back Guarantee. There are three levels of service to choose from; Bronze, Silver and Gold. To view more details about WebTrainer CLICK HERE.

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