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Below is a list of our training articles. We update and add to this list frequently, so keep it bookmarked. If you'd like to receive your very own personalized outdoor conditioning program, visit the Webtrainer to learn how! To subscribe to our FREE monthly newsletter, click here!

You can also find more training information in each sport and on our Exercise pages.

Sport Specific Training

Climbing / Mountaineering / Hiking

Strength Training Program Development for Outdoor Pursuits
Grand Canyon Preparation
Hiking to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier
Mountaineering Training in City
Coping with High Altitude
Mastering Uneven Terrain
Training for Alpine Climbing Away from the Mountains
Ten Non-medicated Ways to Cope with Altitude
Cascade Glissade Index (CGI) for Washington Peaks
How to Pack for Training and Hiking
Finding Adventure Partners
Train Yourself to Hike a 30-Mile Day
Tips for Safely Reaching Rainier�s Summit
Ideas for Increasing Hiking Speed
Outdoor Experience: Education You Can�t Get From Books
Top 10 Tips to an Injury-Free Climbing Season
Upper Body Training Favorites: Preparing for Rock Climbing
Alpine Core Training Beyond The Floor
Yoga and Climbing: Injury Prevention or Causation?
Preparing For Alpine Climbing Season
Climbing Technique: Gym Drills
Lofty Ambitions: How to Select Your Next Goal
Climbing, Pregnancy, and Exercise: A Reality Check
High-Altitude Nutrition

Basic Wilderness Travel Conditioning
Calves and Mountaineering
Post-season Climbing Training Exercises, Part I
Post-season Climbing Training Exercises, Part II
Pre-Season Climbing Training Exercises, Part III

Climbing Endurance: Part I of IV
Climbing Power: Part II of IV
Climbing Power-Endurance: Part III of IV
Climbing Recovery: Part IV of IV

Ten Essentials of Climbing Conditioning
Sample Basic Climbing Workout Program
Climbing Core Conditioning
10 common hiking and climbing maladies
Hikes Along the I-90 Corridor
Ice climbing training tips
VO2 Max: Does It Matter for Climbers?
Climbing Program Evaluation 101
Outdoor Conditioning Warmup

Snow Sports

Quick Summer Tips for Ski Fitness
Preparation for Winter Sports
Preparing for Snow Fun: Downhill, Snowboarding, and Cross Country Exercises!
Advanced Ski Exercises
Snow Program Evaluation 102


Kayaking and Canoeing Exercises
Group Rowing Training Ideas
Rowing Fitness Polygon


Triathlon Specifics: How to Fit It All In
Triathlon Training
Triathlon Tips
Preparing for the Dnskin Triathlon
Danskin Triathlon: Steel Heart, Lead Legs

Training - General

Developing a Strength Program for Alpine Pursuits
NEW! ACSM and AHA Exercise Recommendations for Healthy Adults
Training Tips: 1-arm Pullups
Adding Resistance to Your Workouts
How to Taper Before Your Event
How to Squeeze Workouts into a Busy Day
Advanced Balance Exercises
Training Journal for Monitoring Progress
Gluteus Maximus and Medius Training
The "Perfect" Workout Program!
Getting Noticeable Results from Your Workouts
Rotator Cuff Strengthening Exercises
Top Five Pullups Resources: Training Tips and Variations
Active Recovery � what is it, why do it, how do you do it?
New Exercisers--Getting Started Injury-free
Strength Training Guidelines
10 Quick Tips for Injury-Free Training
Progressions and Variations for Pullups, Pushups, and Sit Ups
Fartlek Training and Other Interval Workouts
How hard should I strength train?
Off Season Training
Medicine Ball Training, Part I
Medicine Ball Training, Part II
Core Training For Sport
Priority Training
Getting Stronger--The 5% Solution
Home For The Holidays Workout
Short Workouts In Time For Holidays

Cubicle Calisthenics: 4 Tension-relieving Stretches To Do At Your Desk
Keyboard Stiffness: Hug A Tree, Forearms, Finger stretches
Patellofemoral Syndrome and Recovery
Shin Splints


Hyponatremia: What It Is, How to Prevent It
Is a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Appropriate for Me?
Tracking Nutrition to Increase Energy
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Rebuilding the Food Pyramid: A Proposal for Change
High-Altitude Nutrition
Holiday Eating and Training Strategies
Super Snacks
Favorite Recipes, For The Kid In All Of Us
Carbs for Dancers
High-protein Diets
Glycemic Index Of foods
Feed Your Calcium Cravings


Hamstring Stretches and Rehabilitative Strength
Training Around Injuries
Backwards Walking for Rehabilitation of Lower Extremities
Injury Corner: Knee Strengthening - Part 3
Injury Corner: Chronic Knee Pain From Overuse - Part 2
Injury Corner: Knee Pain Occurrence and Prevention - Part 1
ANKLE SPRAINS: What to Do, How to Recover, Prevention
HAMSTRING STRAINS: What to Do, How to Recover, Prevention
Foot Issues
Elbow Injuries


Hiking with Baby
Highs and Lows of Pregnancy: a Trainer�s Perspective
New Moms - Considerations for Safe Return to Exercise Post-Pregnancys
Abdominal Exercises During and Post-Pregnancy
Climbing, Exercise and Pregnancy: A Reality Check
Pregnancy and Altitude
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Carbs for Dancers

Family Outdoor Activities

Family-Friendly Outings: Tiger / Talus Rocks
Family-Friendly Outing: Saint Edward State Park
Family-Friendly Outing: Cape Disappointment State Park
Family-Friendly Outing: Tinkham Discovery Trail and Tiger�s Around-Lake- Tradition trail; Car camping
Franklin Falls / Car camping: A Family-Friendly Trip (June 1-2)
Hiking with kids
Hiking with Baby


Fear: Overcoming Psychological Obstacles to Performance
Garmin Fitness GPS Elevation Gain Accuracy
Weight Gain with Exercise: Why Does it Happen?
Top Five Holiday Resources: Staying on Track with Fitness
Snow Bridge - Adrenaline
Millennium Motivation
Motivation Strategies
Motivational Gems
Setting SMART Goals
Explore Options For Relieving Grief (9/11/2001)
Feel Stressed And Pressed? Then Take A Hike
What Is Superslow Training?
Body Results Review Of Super Slow Training


Self-Selected Resistance Training Intensity in Healthy Women
Research Corner: Intervals Enhance Aerobic Endurance
Using Various Hand Positions During the Lat Pull-down
Training Diagnosis for a Load Carriage Task
Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Strength
Women�s Fuel Usage At Altitude Vs. Men
Carbohydrate Supplementation and Resistance Training
Hillwalking Energy Requirments: Latest Research
Snowshoeing: Latest Research
Hit or Miss: A Review of Research Relevant to High Intensity Training
Dehydration Effects on Aerobic Endurance
Electrical Muscle Stimulation


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