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1-Leg Squat

Q: At the climbing gym, I hear a lot of people talking about balance, footwork, staying over the feet, etc. How can I strengthen my legs and work on balance at the same time?

A: This month's Move of the Month is a 1-leg Squat, an exercise that will help you: 1) stretch your hip flexors, which commonly are tight if you spend a lot of time sitting during the day; 2) strengthen the entire leg, from hips, to quads and hamstrings, to ankles; 3) train each limb evenly, since one leg is doing more of the work at any given time; 4) develop balance and muscle control in your legs, especially if you perform the exercise slowly and with precision.

To complete the exercise, place your rear foot up on a box, stair or bench, and hold dumbbells in each hand. If you are outside, or do not have access to gym equipment, you can do this with your foot on a porch, curb, or boulder, with a backpack on for added resistance. Make sure as you lower your torso that you will have your knees at approximately right angles (a little forward of the shoelaces, shown below, won't do any harm; if you have any discomfort in the front knee, then try to keep the knee behind the shoelaces) and avoid jamming your rear kneecap into the ground. Keep your torso vertical, abs tight, and shoulders and hips squared forward. You can have a buddy cue you, or if you are in the gym, do this in front of mirrors for visual feedback. Slowly lower your back knee down toward the floor, and exhale as you press back up. Drive the forward heel into the floor to activate the large glute (buttocks) muscles. Complete desired number of repetitions, then repeat with other leg. Do 2-3 sets, and increase the weight as you master the exercise.


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