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More Training Info > 90-90 Hip Stretch

90-90 Hip Stretch

Q: I love to run, but sometimes the pain in my hips makes me stop before I've finished the route. Are there some good stretches I can do to help solve the problem?

A: Here's one of our favorites, which we learned years back from Canadian Olympic strength coach and conditioning guru, Charles Poliquin, called the 90-90 stretch, a modified hurdler stretch which is great for the hips, lower back, hamstrings, thighs--you'll find in doing this stretch that it will help wherever you are tightest. Sit as pictured with right angles to hips, knees, and feet, so back calf is parallel to front foot, and front calf is parallel to back thigh and foot (hence the name "90-90", right angles everywhere.) Two directions of stretch will be out over the front knee (hold for 15 seconds) and then diagonally out over forward foot. Then switch to the other leg and repeat. Make sure, however, that instead of rounding over the knee or foot, you press your chest forward and buttocks away, to maximize the stretch for hips and legs rather than lower back.


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