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Top Five Holiday Resources:
Staying on Track with Fitness

Wondering how to keep on track with your fitness program during the busy holidays? Perhaps you need a new goal or a simple variation on your workout! Take a look at some of these additional holiday resources:

  1. How can you keep yourself motivated to stick to an exercise program all year long? See www.bodyresults.com/e2motivate2.asp
  2. Sneak a peek at an interview with a Body Results coach on staying with a program, setting realistic goals on a regular basis, as well as starting out from scratch at www.bodyresults.com/e2motivation.asp
  3. For the new exerciser of any age, wanting to begin a comprehensive exercise program after time away, see www.bodyresults.com/E2startexerprogram.asp
  4. Tips for successful holiday eating and training strategies can be found at www.bodyresults.com/e2holidaystrategies.asp and www.bodyresults.com/e3holidayeating.asp
  5. If you’re crunched for time and looking for a great way to save on exercise but at the same time still make the workout work for you, try our short sport workouts at www.bodyresults.com/e2shortworkouts.asp including circuit training and high intensity intervals, great for boosting energy, revving up the metabolism, and helping with fat burning all at once!


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