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Top Five Pullups Resources: Training Tips and Variations

Body Results has been accumulating articles for years! We often get readers asking repeated questions on our Ask Body Results forum, particularly on pullups, so we’ve highlighted for you our favorite 5 on this particular topic. Check out the following training resources whether you’re shooting for just being able to do one, or you have a specific number in mind for climbing, military testing, or your own personal goal.

  1. For plenty of tips on how to make consistent progress on any bodyweight resistance exercises (pullups, pushups and situps) see www.bodyresults.com/e2pushups-pullups.asp
  2. If you’d like tips on how to increase the number of pullups you can do, visit www.bodyresults.com/e2pullups.asp
  3. To learn about a great exercise that takes you beyond lat pull downs but not quite as strenuous as a pullup, see www.bodyresults.com/e2floorpullup.asp
  4. Try a new training technique: Ladders! See www.bodyresults.com/e2ladder.asp
  5. For steady gainers looking for 5% strength gains over six weeks, try the 5% solution at www.bodyresults.com/e25solution.asp


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