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Shin Splints: Occurrence and Prevention
By C. W. Schurman, MS, CSCS

Have you ramped up your running lately resulting in painful shins? Would you like to learn how to stretch and strengthen the lower leg muscles to prevent recurrence � or development -- of shin pain? Like many athletes, you may already know exactly what to do with your cardiovascular workouts, but you may be more in the dark when it comes to what supplemental stretching and strength training it takes to keep your body in top physical shape. Body Results can help! We have put together a short E-Book that will help you:

  • Understand and identify whether the problem may be shin splints or something else entirely
  • Strengthen those lower leg muscle groups important for running
  • Learn how to stretch the anterior tibialis
  • Prevent shin splints in the first place and avoid recurrence once you have developed them
  • Includes pictures for 4 stretches and 6 strength exercises and has 2,537 words

Click here to find out how to download this E-Book


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