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Yoga and Stretching: Getting Started

Q: I'm thinking of including some yoga and stretching in my weekly routine; what's a good way to get started?

A: One way to get started with a stretching routine is to locate a resource with plenty of pictures of exercises, along with descriptions of what muscle groups are being stretched in which exercises. A good resource available at Amazon.com is Bob Anderson's book, Stretching.

Another way to start is to look for on-line pictures of stretches such as those on our Exercises Index.

If you would prefer to work out in the privacy of your own home following a qualified instructor, consider trying one of Karen Voight�s yoga or Pilates DVD�s or videos including YogaSculpt VHS, Yoga and Sculpting DVD, and Yoga Focus VHS/DVD.

Yoga Videos

Yoga & Sculpting DVD
70 min Yoga + 85 min strength more

Yoga Focus DVD
30 min strength, 20 stretch more

If you don't have access to a trainer or coach to teach you stretching techniques, and working out at home is not a viable option for you, then consider taking a yoga class at a local YMCA or yoga studio near you. Once you've learned the basics, you can incorporate stretching into your daily cardio and strength routine


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