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Mt. Rainier climbing routes description DVD

Available Now!

DVD Overview

The DVD is ground breaking in the area of climbing route descriptions. There is nothing on the market to compare to this interactive video. Some of the spectacular components included are:

  • Video Panoramas
  • 3D Interactive Route Maps
  • 2D Interactive Route Maps
  • 360 Interactive Panorama
  • Climbing Term Glossary
  • Guide Service Information

Also included on this DVD are in depth descriptions of the Disappointment Cleaver and the Emmons Glacier routes, including what types of challenges to expect physically of these climbs and what hazards to be aware of on the mountain. You will be able to follow the progress of climbers in a guided party attempting the 14,411-foot summit, and experience first hand what it takes to climb to the top, and back down, Mount Rainier.

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