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Services > Basic Climbing Rope Handling - Tying Knots and More DVD

Basic Climbing Rope Handling
Tying Knots and More DVD

Available Now!

DVD Overview

Produced by the creators of what many refer to as the Climbing 'Bible', Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills (ed. 7). This DVD provides visual and auditory instruction that supplements the Seattle Mountaineers climbing courses. 6 highly experienced climb leaders from the Seattle Mountaineers teach you the basics of knot-tying and rope handling, including how to properly belay your partner using a belay device or munter hitch, how to tie off a fallen climber, several rappels including the Autoblock as a back-up, and proper set up of a Z-pulley to extricate a fallen climbing partner from a crevasse.

Complete list of subtopics below:

KNOTS: overhand, slip, water, clove hitch, munter hitch, girth hitch, double fisherman, single bowline, rewoven figure 8, figure 8 on a bight, double bowline, butterfly coil, prussic

BELAY: how to tie into an anchor, belay a lead climber, tie off a fallen climber, and escape the system

RAPPEL: arm rappel, belay device rappel, carabiner brake rappel and tie off, autoblock

Z-PULLEY: from fallen to rescued climber, how to extricate a member of your team from a crevasse using the 2-pulley Z-pulley setup

The DVD is NOT meant to replace quality professional instruction. Produced and directed by Emmy-award winner, Mark Erskine. Running time 38 minutes. Copyright 2003 The Mountaineers

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