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Family Outdoors Activities

Family Hike

If you have young children at your house, you are well aware that everything changes once you decide to have a family of your own. We know; we have a daughter of our own! Since her arrival in 2004 we have been slowly adding resources to our site that might help others get ideas about how to incorporate pre-baby interests and outdoor activities with children in tow and get them active and interested as well.

Resources for Families


Family Friendly Destinations in Washington

Recommended Products for
training when you have a family

One several Karen Voight Exercise videos available at Body Results

Karen Voight Exercise Videos/DVD's Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts. If you struggle to make it to the gym, home workouts may be a great thing to include in your repertoire with the help of some exercise videos.

The Outdoor Athlete by Courtenay and Doug Schurman

The Outdoor Athlete book. Learn how to optimally train and prepare for your favorite wilderness sports. Learn more

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