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Triathlon Training and Conditioning

The triathlon involves three events: swimming, biking, and running. The distances for each leg of the triathlon vary depending on whether the triathlon is a “mini” or fun-distance triathlon (such as the Danskin Women’s Triathlon), international distance, half-ironman, or ironman. To successfully complete a triathlon, the participant should be quite comfortable completing the distance of each leg separately; the challenge and fun begins when linking the legs together. Strength training can help the triathlete: 1) prepare off-season or early-season for the increased intensity of in-season training; 2) develop sprinting power for short distance triathlons and for hill climbing during the bike and run portions; 3) avoid overuse injuries by maintaining muscle balance, particularly in the core, hips, hamstrings and calves; and 4) maintain lean muscle mass and optimize metabolic rate.

Specific training information for Triathlons below:

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Additional Training information:


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