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Preparing to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
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Whether you are considering attempting the Pacific Crest Trail from border to border, trying a shorter section of the trail or hiking across a state, or simply going on backpacking trips along different parts of the trail, this e-book will provide you with the training information necessary to get you physically and mentally prepared for your journey.
  • Understand how to prepare optimally for the extreme endurance component of the journey without overtraining
  • View a sample 3-month cardiovascular training program that builds gradually to your goal hike
  • Learn what strength, cardiovascular, and pack weight targets you should shoot for to be ready for your trip
  • 5 strength training guidelines to help you prepare for carrying a pack for great distances
  • Pictures and descriptions of 5 important strength exercises for backpackers
  • Pictures and descriptions of 5 stretches to help restore flexibility to overworked muscles at the gym and on the trail
  • Trail and gear tips as well as tips on proper nutrition on the trail
  • 5,038 words, 10 pictures

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