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Strength Program Development E-Book
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Developing a Strength Program for Alpine Pursuits

Do you need to train to failure to get results? How many strength workouts do you need to do in a week? How do you create a program that matches your goals? How do you know when to work harder and when to back off? If you are looking for training information that will help you create a suitable strength and strength endurance program to help you reach your alpine goals, this latest e-book from Body Results can help you. Included are:

  • Descriptions of each of the FITT components of training as they apply to strength (frequency, intensity, time, type of exercise)
  • Strength guidelines
  • Strength equipment suggestions
  • Priority training
  • Tabata training
  • Rate of perceived exertion as it applies to strength training
  • Sample workouts for various goals (just returning to strength, building strength endurance, increasing max strength, general strength / hypertrophy training)
  • 8,834 words and listing of 68 recommended exercises to include in your repertoire

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