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Basic Climbing: Rope Handling DVD
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Produced by the creators of what many refer to as the Climbing 'Bible', Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills (ed. 7). This DVD provides visual and auditory instruction that supplements the Seattle Mountaineers climbing courses. 6 highly experienced climb leaders from the Seattle Mountaineers teach you the basics of knot-tying and rope handling, including how to properly belay your partner using a belay device or munter hitch, how to tie off a fallen climber, several rappels including the Autoblock as a back-up, and proper set up of a Z-pulley to extricate a fallen climbing partner from a crevasse.

Complete list of subtopics below:

KNOTS: overhand, slip, water, clove hitch, munter hitch, girth hitch, double fisherman, single bowline, rewoven figure 8, figure 8 on a bight, double bowline, butterfly coil, prussic

BELAY: how to tie into an anchor, belay a lead climber, tie off a fallen climber, and escape the system

RAPPEL: arm rappel, belay device rappel, carabiner brake rappel and tie off, autoblock

Z-PULLEY: from fallen to rescued climber, how to extricate a member of your team from a crevasse using the 2-pulley Z-pulley setup

The DVD is NOT meant to replace quality professional instruction. Produced and directed by Emmy-award winner, Mark Erskine. Running time 38 minutes. Copyright 2003 The Mountaineers

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