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Common questions Aconcagua Express clients have about preparing for their trip include:

  • How do I train for mountains when I live in a flat region?

  • I've had (fill in your bodypart) pain before: How do I train without causing more pain?

  • How do I work up to carry a heavy pack when I've never carried more than 10 pounds?

  • How do I structure workouts to be as effective as possible since I have limited time to train?

  • How do I create a training program that will prepare me for all the physical requirements of my trip?

  • What do I have to do to not only succeed but also enjoy the experience?


Over the past 20 years we have helped many guide service clients acheieve success on their adventures and have a great time doing it through our WebTrainer Coaching program. We provide:

  • Individualized training programs based on:
    • your level of training
    • your goals
    • your health history
    • your schedule
    • your access to training options

  • Daily detailed training plans

  • Regular video meetings with a coach to answer questions, adjust plans and get instruction on form

  • Unlimited email support throughout

Who is Body Results

We are Courtenay Schurman and Doug Schurman and we founded Body Results in 1997. We spent many years in the Seattle Mountaineers organization learning, teaching, and becoming climb leaders for glacier, rock and ice climbing. We authored the book The Outdoor Athlete (Human Kinetics pub) and produced the DVD, Train to Climb Mt Rainier.

Courtenay is the lead trainer while Doug does some training and handles much of the back end of the business. Our clients have completed adventures such as:

  • Climb Mt Everest
  • Climb the Seven Summits
  • Travel to the South Pole unaided
  • Climb Volcanoes around the world
  • Treks in Asia, Europe, South America, North America and New Zealand

What previous Guide Service clients are saying

Mary Anne on Kilimanjaro

"What a great experience. Big takeaway - you have to be prepared, and we were. And you were so right - the summit is very 'mental.' Thank you so much. The trip exceeded all our expectations!"

- Mary Anne on Kilimanjaro Summit

Kathy on the Denali Summit

"I started my climb of Denali with a guide service. There were 6 clients and I was by far the oldest in the group. I am 48 and the average age was 29. I did not let this intimidate me because I had trained with Body Results and my pre-existing knee problems that precluded an attempt at this trip in 2007 were never an issue on this trip. It was a special experience to have been on the mountain with so few people. I felt really strong the whole trip and this was thanks to my conditioning using training developed through Body Results."

- Kathy on Denali Summit

Adam on Mt Everest Summit

"Over the 16 months we worked together I summited Denali, Baruntse, and Everest. What began as a more general fitness program to build up my strength and endurance quickly evolved into an organic, customizable program that I believe was key in my preparation for each adventure. Every trip required something different - strength, fitness, pack weight, pulling a sled, altitude, etc. Your knowledge of the climbs and ability to create exercises to focus on the appropriate areas was on-target. In speaking with other climbers, it was clear that I had done more work (and better work) on the front-end by following your training programs. I think the best compliment I can give is to say that at the beginning of every climb when there are so many unknowns, being fit, strong, and well-trained were never concerns of mine."

- Adam on Mt Everest Summit

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